Sharing science, shaping tomorrow
With open minds, open attitudes and open science, we join forces to create tomorrow’s solutions.

How we are working towards a better world

Facts and figures

  • With some 110 nationalities students and staff work and study together in an international environment.

  • Our students appreciate the many options available within our more than 150 Master's programmes.

  • 550

    Every year, approximately 550 Utrecht PhD candidates obtain their doctorates.

  • With over 39,000 students we are one of the largest Dutch universities.

Our people

  • Erik van Sebille


    Erik's research focuses on how ocean currents transport plastic, heat, marine organisms, and nutrients. This chair is the first in the Netherlands to combine climate research, oceanography, and public engagement. 

  • Portret van Anne Margit Reitsema

    Anne Margit Reitsema

    Postdoctoral fellow

    Where in your body do you feel that you are angry? Or frightened? Or sad? In her research, Anne Margit immerses herself in the world of physical and mental characteristics of emotions in young people

  • Chiara Stam

    Chiara Stam

    Student assessor

    Chiara Stam will be the new student assessor in the Executive Board as of 1 September. She takes up the baton from Anneloes Krul and will become the third student assessor in the history of the Executive Board.

  • Niki Frantzeskaki

    Chair Professor of Regional and Metropolitan Governance and Planning

    Niki Frantzeskaki focuses on urban issues related to climate change, from extreme droughts to floods, biodiversity crises and even serious public health implications. Collaboration is key.